SHOWS at 651 South Auburn Street, Grass Valley, CA

Regular shows start the Second and Fourth Thu -Sun of each month.  Additional shows to be scheduled around seasonal events and opportunities such as Small Business Saturday and Gold Country Vintage Road Trips.

  1. Winter Holidays!
    Get ready for Christmas and Kwanzaa! Regular Hours: 10a to 5p Sale: All holiday decor 20% off; Anything warm and wooly (blankets, hats scarves, boots) 20% off!
    December 6-8
  1. Last Chance!
    Christmas is just about here, get your last minute gifts this weekend!! Regular hours: 10a to 5p Sale: TBD!
    December 13-16
  1. Clearance!
    Year end Clearance Sale! Regular hours: 10a to 5p Sale: Storewide sale, 25% off all but NFD/firm and consignment pieces!
    December 27-30
  1. Let it Snow!
    Cause its warm inside! Regular hours: 10a to 5p Sale: TBD
    January 10-13
  1. Soup's On!
    Come in for a warm cup of soup and heartwarming home decor! Regular hours: 10a to 5p Sale: TBD
    January 24-27
  1. Love People, Love the Earth
    Love life, people, and mother earth. Project Promoted: Hearts, hearts, hearts! Sale: Red (the color of love), romantic table settings, and heart-shaped items 20% off.
    February 8-11